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        Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa

        The podcast is dedicated to everything film and the Ottawa art scene. IFCO’s on lock down cuz of COVID-19 and we know that you all want to know What Da Flick is going on? We are giving you you the ‘reel’ deal on what’s happening with film and analogue arts in Ottawa and beyond.

        IFCO is a Registered Charity, and as such we're always looking for donations to support various existing programs, as well as to build new programs. If you're an IFCO member, or a member of the broader community, who is interested in supporting the Co-operative's amazing programs and artists; you can make donations to IFCO at Canada Helps.Org.

        Visit IFCO's YouTube channel, featuring highlights from some of our past programming and events throughout the years. More featured clips to come!

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        Upcoming Events

        There are no upcoming events at this time.